0.0 hunab ku

a day out of time…..

I coordinate in order to potentiate
Enumerating totality
I seal the cosmos of unity
With the galactic tone of emptiness
I am guided by own power doubled
I am the activator of all galactic portals -enter me.”

” This day occurs every four years precisely between the 22nd and 23rd days of the Galactic Moon, and can be viewed as an extra day out of time which is no day of the week, moon or the galactic spin, hence 0.0.Hunab Ku. This is an especially spiritual day since Hunab Ku refers both to the centre of the Galaxy and to the Supreme Creator, One Giver of Movement and Measure….”

the TZOLKIN: the harmonic module, sacred 260-day calendar is a matrix composed of 13 galactic tones and 20 solar glyphs \. it tunes us into the universal 13:20 timing frequency and introduces us to the synchronic order

By brett lightwait

artist-in-resonance for elegant star~galactic arts projects[GAP] around the omniverse, brett stays along the north coast of east anglia (yuk land) living with his partner, a musician one step ahead of running amok; making art, ~ committed but not certified

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