glimpses of &oR

brett has spent many years researching aspects of the imaginal realm

the result is…..

this utopian picture book~

a book for our positive future, offering visionary landscapes and unfolding mysteries

a sojourn into the heart of light, bringing back fragments of hope and the fragrance of a world remade

an exuberant celebration of the human as spiritual being and a pictorial accompaniment to Pierre Teillard de Chardin’s articulation of human evolution as a cosmic event

guided by a certain magic, distilled from the essence of deep meditations and the fruits of harvested dreamcatchers this book softly embodies the art of prophecy…….literally the prophetic facility of art

the texts are part galactic journal, part personal memoir that open a door into a truly harmonic cosmology of time:nuevo tiempo’

presented with archive plates and hand-tinted illustrations exhibiting diverse spiritual, cultural and social phenomena of noospheric life
128 page hardback with 46 full-colour plates
edition limited to 260 copies
each copy is individually numbered

(send your galactic signature, if known, to receive the corresponding numbered copy)

printed on 100% recycled paper with gm-free inks by anglia print (a carbon positive printing company)
£23[inc P&P within UK)

for delivery outside UK please contact for delivery rates